To start a tokenized poll, click the ‘New’ button in the top-right corner.

Click ‘Poll’ on the far right of your post options. You can add a title, text, and media just as you can with an article, ideally posing a question of some kind. You can enter the options for others to choose in the fields marked ‘Option X’ below the description. If you’d like to offer more than two options, click the ‘Add Option’ button and more option fields will appear, with a maximum of five.

If you’d like to offer SPN as a reward for participation to collect answers from other users, you can enter the amount of SPN you’d like to offer in the field below the options section. When you choose to post the poll, you’ll be prompted to process the contract via your connected wallet. NOTE: You must have SPN in your connected wallet in order to offer SPN as a reward.

If you want to change the timeline or completion conditions for your poll, click ‘Advanced options’ and new fields will appear below.

To change the length of the poll, simply click the start and/or end fields and select the date you’d like for both. Please note that the default is a week, but you’re free to change it as you’d like.

If you want to cut the poll off at a certain threshold before time runs out, you can enable the ‘Fast consensus’ setting by clicking the toggle. Next, specify the percentage the winning answer will need to reach and the number of people who will need to answer to satisfy your needs for the poll.


Once you’ve configured the poll to your liking, click ‘Post It!’ in the top-right and select the tribe you’d like to share the poll in. Click ‘Post It!’ again and your poll will go live.