To give a post or comment a Charge, click the purple lightning button below the content you want to boost.


When you do, a popup will ask how many Charges you’d like to give. You can select one of the suggested amounts or click ‘Custom’ and type in the amount you’d like to give. If you opt to give more Charges than you have in your balance, you can spend SPN to get more Charges for your platform account, and complete the transaction within your wallet. Currently, you can obtain extra Charges at a rate of 100 SPN per Charge, plus the applicable platform Charge fees as determined by your Stake Rank, meaning each Charge will require between 105 and 115 SPN.


Users who receive Charges will be given a corresponding amount of staked SPN as rewards for receiving Charges within the next 24 hours. Currently, SPN Rewards are delivered as staked SPN to the user, which unlock progressively over the course of a year. These Rewards are delivered at a rate of 100 staked SPN per Charge received, minus the Reward platform fee percentage determined by your Stake Rank, so you would receive a minimum of 95 staked SPN.