Charges are the core of what makes Sapien unique from other social networks. When you see content you like, for whatever reason, you can give a boost to the post or comment by giving it as many Charges as you’d like.

Remember, if you want to give more Charges than you have, you’ll have to spend SPN to give that amount of Charges.

To give a Charge to a post, locate the purple lightning bolt button on the lower-right section of the post.


Click it and you’ll be prompted to specify the quantity of Charges you’d like to give to the post. If you want to give a specific quantity, click ‘Custom’ and type in the desired amount. 


Click ‘Charge’ and you’ll be prompted to complete the transaction with Metamask. For now, users will need to spend a small amount of ETH on gas fees since we’re using the main Ethereum network. Soon, we’ll be launching a product partnership with Matic that uses sidechains to handle these transactions and users won’t need to pay gas fees to award Charges.

Boosting comments is very similar. Look for the purple lightning bolt button and follow the same process as with giving Charges to posts.