mceclip2.pngTo use Sapien Chat, click the speech balloon button in the upper-right corner.


After clicking the chat button, you’ll see a pop-up with your previous message threads, which you can search through using the ‘Search’ field. Simply scroll through the threads to find the one you want to resume.


If you want to send a new message, you can do so by clicking ‘New message’ on the right. Next, you’ll see a search field and a list of suggested accounts. You can find the person you want to message directly by typing their username in the ‘Search’ field. Alternatively, you can click the ‘Message’ button on the right of any of the accounts in the ‘Suggested’ list.

If someone messages you for the first time, you’ll receive the new message in the form of a request. Click ‘Requests’ and you’ll see a list of all people who’ve sent you chat requests. To accept, click the chat request and send a reply. If you don’t want to accept the request, feel free to ignore the chat request.