Creating a post on Sapien

To create a new post on Sapien, click the ‘New’ button in the upper-right corner of the site.


Next, you need to select the kind of post you want to create: Article, Link, Media, or Poll.


For articles, you need to write a title and body. If you want to add some media to your article, click the + button on the right at any point in the process and select the media you’d like to upload (images, GIFs, videos hosted on YouTube or Vimeo, and links).


To share a link, select ‘Link’ and add the link to the second row marked ‘Paste a link.’ The title of the webpage should populate in the ‘Title’ field in a moment, but you can edit it if you prefer. You can also add an optional description in the bottom field if you’d like.

To add a piece of media, click ‘Media’ and either paste a link to the media or click the + and upload the file.

To add a poll, click ‘Poll’ and add the title, description, and possible answers.

If you want to add more options (up to 5 total), click the ‘Add Option’ button. Something that makes Sapien polls special is that you can offer SPN utility tokens as a reward for participation in the poll, which will be evenly distributed among all participants. NOTE: You must have SPN in your connected wallet in order to offer SPN as a reward.

If you want to customize the length of your poll or establish a consensus threshold to close your poll, click ‘Advanced’ and adjust your settings as desired.

When you're finished creating your post, you have just a couple more steps to go!

  • Specify the Tribe you want to post in

  • Select a preview image from your article that you’d like to be used in previews of your post in home feeds on Sapien and link previews on other platforms

  • Add up to 140 characters of preview text for your article. This is helpful for two reasons:

    • It will help your article be picked up by search engines and enables a chance for building SEO for your articles

    • This preview text will be used wherever the article is previewed, which includes home feeds on Sapien and link previews on other platforms like Discord


Editing a post on Sapien

If you want to edit a post you’ve already published on Sapien, click the two-dot menu button on the post you wish to edit.


Once you make the desired changes, click ‘Save Changes!!’ on the upper-right and confirm the edit by clicking the ‘Save’ button. Your post has been edited and the changes are now live.

Deleting a post on Sapien

Click the two-dot menu button on the post you’d like to delete. From there, click ‘Delete my Post’ with the trash can icon and confirm the deletion.