To create a tribe, open the sidebar on the left and click the purple ‘Create’ link next to the ‘My Tribes’ heading.


To create your Tribe, you need to do 5 things:

  • Add a profile picture that's square in its dimensions, at least 300px on each side

  • Create a display name for your Tribe, which can be changed at any time

  • Create a Tribe handle, which will live in the link for your Tribe and can not be changed

  • Write a description for your Tribe (up to 140 characters), which will help prospective members learn more about your Tribe and can be changed at any point

  • Finally, decide if you want your Tribe to be public or private by clicking the toggle labeled 'Make Tribe invite only'

The Tribe privacy settings currently allow one two settings:

  • Public: anyone can see the Tribe and its content, anyone can join the Tribe

  • Invite-only: no one can see the Tribe or its content unless they're a member, no can join the Tribe unless invited by a Tribe admin

Click the ‘Create’ button and your new tribe will be live in a moment! Once your Tribe is live, please consider promoting it on the FindYourTribe page once you're ready.