Currently, the Sapien platform supports the Sapien Wallet and Metamask.


Sapien Wallet

  • Through our partnership with Torus Labs, we have introduced a new Sapien Wallet that is non-custodial and fully integrated into the platform. This means that, as with Metamask and similar wallets, the tokens contained within the wallet are yours and not managed by Sapien. Once you have the wallet connected, all transactions on Sapien will be processed by the Sapien Wallet.

  • You can access the Sapien Wallet by clicking ‘Wallet’ in the right hand corner of your browser.

  • Please note that Sapien does not directly manage the wallet. If you are experiencing difficulties using the Sapien Wallet or experience any errors with your wallet, please email or submit a help request form for further assistance.


  • To install Metamask, follow the directions on its website:

  • If you’re experiencing difficulties using Metamask or experience any errors with the wallet, please visit the Metamask Help Center. If you don’t find an answer to your issue, you can submit a request to Metamask for additional support.

  • Please note that Sapien will be phasing out Metamask shortly. Your Metamask will only work with Sapien if you have previously linked it to your account. If you have not yet linked Metamask to your account, the Sapien Wallet is the only wallet option available on our platform.