The Tribe Sidebar allows admins to have control and moderation of their Tribe. Navigating the Tribe Sidebar is easy to follow and will allow Tribe owners and admins to keep track of what is going on in their bubbles. 

To access the Tribe Sidebar, type in and substitute XXXX with the Tribe you wish to access. 

Once you access your chosen Tribe, you will see the Tribe Sidebar on the right side of the page. 


The Tribe Sidebar, located on the right side of the browser, is a place where admins can customize their Tribe settings, rules, links and leaderboard.


On the top of the Tribe Sidebar you should see the name of the Tribe and a description of what the Tribe entails. You will also have the opportunity to unfollow the Tribe or mute notifications by clicking on the bell symbol. 

The ‘Rules’ of the Tribe are where admins can customize guidelines unique to their own Tribe where members must follow. In a brief moment, we will show you how to customize these Rules to your liking. 

‘Links’ is where admins can post websites or sources individual to their Tribe for other Sapiens to access. It is up to the admins discretion.


If you scroll further down the Tribe Sidebar, past ‘Links’, the leaders of the Tribe will appear as well as the leaderboard. 


Members and admins are able to filter out the leaders of the Tribe based on owners, admins and moderators. This can help members see who is in charge of what. 

Members and admins can also filter out the leaderboard based on time! This can help users to see who is leading in rewards in the Tribe.


To learn how to customize your tribe settings, go back to the Main Page of your Tribe and click on the ‘Settings’ button next to Followers. Here, click on ‘Overview”


On the top of ‘Overview’ admins will be able to make customizations and changes to the Tribe Sidebar. You can edit the Tribe Handle, Tribe Name and Overview to your liking. Admins are also able to make the tribe invite only by clicking on the button next to ‘Make tribe invite only’.


The ‘Rules’ tab now has a customizable title and description aspect where admins can create Rules unique to their own Tribes. In the box, ‘Rule Name’ put the name of your rule and in ‘Rule Description’ below write a brief caption about what your Tribe rule entails. If you would like to add more than three rules, click the small purple box at the bottom of ‘Tribe Rules’ that says ‘Add Rule.’


Admins are now able to add links to their Tribes! Scroll down to the bottom of the overview page and click on the purple box that says ‘Add Link +’ and you will be able to add anything from websites to help support. 


Tribe Leaders and Leaderboard can be turned off and on. To turn it on click the box on the right hand side next to Tribe Leaders and Leaderboard. When the box turns purple, that means Tribe Leaders and Leaderboard will be visible to all Sapiens. 


To save changes to the Tribe Sidebar, click the purple ‘Save’ button. 


With all of these customizations, here is an example of a final Tribe Sidebar.