Hello and welcome to Sapien, the decentralized social network of the future. Sapien is being built to reinvent the social media experience by respecting your right to privacy, creating a thriving token economy that rewards people like you for contributing valuable content, and enabling independent groups we call Tribes to form and self-govern.


Social media is operating on a severely broken model where your personal information is mined via a “free” social media experience and then access is sold to the highest bidder for top-dollar profits, with these companies looking for more and more ways to capture your personal data.

We don’t think this is right. Social media should focus on what makes us human, not what makes us a product, and that’s what Sapien is all about. We envision a future where social media is led by independent collectives of people sharing what interests them, making connections, and rewarding value where it is delivered.

Join us on this exciting journey with Sapien. Welcome to the future of social media.