The short answer is “maybe.”

To browse the Sapien platform, make posts, leave comments, join tribes, and otherwise enjoy your communities, that is totally free, of zero cost to the user.

However, if you want to give more Charges than you have currently, you will need SPN, Sapien’s utility token which allows you to perform certain activities on the Sapien platform, and you will also need to spend some ETH on gas fees since we’re currently using the Ethereum mainnet. We are currently working on a product partnership with Matic Network which will absorb those gas fees, enabling users to give Charges with SPN and zero gas fees.

Initially, you’ll start your Sapien account with zero SPN, but you can earn SPN on the platform by answering tokenized polls, completing incentivized activities we may run from time to time, and by contributing quality to your communities and receiving Charges from your fellow Sapiens.

If you’d like to otherwise obtain SPN, you’ll need to either purchase some through the IDEX exchange, or you can swap ETH or other ERC20 tokens for SPN using KyberSwap, a widget built by and hosted on the external Kyber Network.