To add a wallet to your Sapien account, click 'Wallet' in the upper-right corner. Currently, Sapien only supports the Sapien Wallet and Metamask, which you need to install as a Chrome extension.

If you have an account, click 'Wallet' and you'll see your options for the wallets.


Sapien Wallet

The Sapien wallet, powered by Torus Labs, is automatically created when you register your account on Sapien. The wallet is fully integrated into the Sapien platform and is non-custodial, meaning you are fully in control of your tokens without relying on a third party to engage in the Sapien token economy. 

Go to the top right of your browser and click on ‘Wallet’ to access your wallet, rewards, and SPN. If you haven't select the Sapien Wallet and click the 'Connect' button. Your Sapien Wallet will be created in a few seconds.


Before you can receive rewards or reward other Sapien members, please verify your account to access SPN rewards. Once your account has been verified, you will be able to access tokens such as ETH and SPN and gain rewards from your fellow Sapiens.


Click 'Connect' in the sidebar that appears, the button just below the Metamask icon.


After you click the button, Metamask will prompt you to sign a transaction to connect the wallet to your Sapien account. Complete the transaction and your wallet will now be linked, enabling you to engage in Sapien's token economy.