First, make sure your wallet is connected to your Metamask account.


Then, go to your wallet option and click the “Withdraw” button.


After clicking on the “Withdraw” button, you can input the SPN amount that you want to withdraw. 


After doing so, click the “Request” button for the withdrawal token request. You’ll have 30 minutes to confirm the transaction.

NOTE: After 30 minutes you can’t revert your transaction, and you must complete this transaction before making another transaction.

After completing the request, you’ll see the mark on number 1 (“Request withdrawal of Tokens”), and you’ll also be able to see the “Withdraw” button. 


Click the “Withdraw” button and then confirm the amount for the withdrawal transaction. 

NOTE: After clicking on the “Withdraw” button, the Metamask transaction popup may take some time to appear. Only click the “Withdraw” button once and then wait for the Metamask popup to appear.

After clicking the “Confirm” button and paying the gas fee, your transaction is completed and your token will be in your wallet.