To access your Sapien profile at any time, click your current profile picture in the top right corner from any page on Sapien. Next, click ‘Settings’ and you’ll be directed to your account settings page.

Below is a screenshot of the Account Settings page. On the Account Settings page you can change your username, password, bio, and several more settings tied to your sidebar on the homepage. You can opt into the weekly digest newsletter which will keep you updated on trends on Sapien. This is also where you can set up Multi-Factor Authentication, which is very important for securing your account.

 One setting of great importance on this page is your mobile number, which we’re currently using to verify the authenticity of our users. Upon successful verification, your account will be enabled for SPN use.

 If you want to further control your privacy and notifications settings, click ‘Privacy & Notifications’ which will direct you to the Privacy & Notifications page. Here you can toggle if you want your account to be publicly discoverable or not, and if you’d like to receive Sapien notifications in your web browser.

Over time and as more features are added to the Sapien platform, we’ll roll out additional privacy and notifications.